Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Woodchuck Scout

If you're looking for work, train your relatives to job hunt for you. Teach them the basic components of your qualifications, and teach them what to ask.

I am proud to say that my mother managed to determine that her pilates instructor's receptionist's husband is the chief pilot of an air operator that is looking for pilots matching my mother's version of my qualifications. My mother even left an intelligible message on my answering machine, including the aircraft type, the company name and the contact information. Mrs. Meerkat now has my resume, and will be showing it to Steve Meerkat.

Way to go mom! I will now stop mocking you for all the times you have told me you met someone whose name you didn't obtain, who recommended I apply to "Air something, or maybe it was something Air."

And I got a telephone call from the Air Canada training department. Really. Air Canada called me. That's really fun to say. But I haven't got the heart to tease you too badly. It was a friend of a friend returning my call to help me out with some information on requirements and strategy. I now have it directly from the hiring decision makers at Air Canada: it's not lying if you leave some of your experience and hours off your resume.


aaron said...

Umm, maybe this is a ridiculous question, especially coming from someone who only flies planes on the computer, but why would you want to leave some hours and experience off your resume?

Aviatrix said...

Discussed here a few days ago and further explained here and here.

It's a serial blog. Some things you're just going to be confused by if you weren't here earlier. Like woodchucks, and holds, and a certain country song.

aaron said...

Right, of course, sorry. In fact I've read almost your entire blog, it's very good. Guess I should pay more attention though.

Paul said...

Tchoh! The guy's name will be "Steve Something", obviously.

No initiative, some people :-)

Aviatrix said...

As a matter of fact, the chief pilot of Meerkat did turn out to be named Steve.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps there is a female name that is airline equivalent to Steve. If there is, that may be one of those unpublished hiring restrictions "we only hire pilots named Steve or "..."" for important and good positions. We will hire weasels for weasel positions.

Your problem is that you aren't a weasel, but you don't have the right name for the good positions.


Kris Johnson said...

Congratulations. My mom still thinks that "something to do with computers" is enough to make me want to send out a resume.

I got a couple of calls from people at Microsoft. Microsoft. Yippee! It didn't amount to anything, but it's always nice when the big boys pay attention.