Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Pilot Job Hunting Advice

I didn't send this, because it might be kind of inappropriate, and on closer inspection someone else on my team had followed up, and the candidate either ghosted us or turned out to be unsuitable after all. But someone needs to hear it.

Dear Pilot Whose Application I Just Found Unread In My Old E-Mail,

It’s unlikely that you’re still looking for a pilot position with us, but I thought I’d follow up, as you are qualified.  We currently have all the pilots we think we need, but that can change rapidly. If you are still interested in the position let me know and I will keep your resume to call when we need someone.

 A tip for the success of your career going forward: when a company is advertising for pilots, they are busy with flying and inundated with resumes from 200h pilots.  Stand out by including your TT or possession of a relevant PPC on the subject line, or at least in the email body. When you know you are qualified for a position, and hear nothing, it’s worth a follow up.  I completely missed seeing your resume six months ago when I needed to meet you, and I expect I missed out on a couple of jobs in my own career by not following up. No answer can mean no time and not no interest.

I’m writing this knowing there is a decent chance you’re currently flying for Air Canada, and need no career advice of this sort, but it’s likely it would have got you this job six months ago.

The email subject of his application was the title of the job posting, and the body merely:

Dear Madam or Sir,

My name is [redacted]. I found your job advert on the [website] for [position]. Enclosed you will find my resume for the position. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Thank you for your time and consideration

Best Regards

Don't be this bland.  At the time I was working 14-hour days, doing the work of the two pilots I needed to hire, and skimming my email in cabs. I honestly don't know if I saw it at all, but nothing about this e-mail suggested that he was experienced and fully qualified.