Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Letter Written New Year's Eve

Sometimes a bit of New Year's spirit can be inspirational. This is an actual letter I wrote to Steve Badger on New Year's Eve.

Dear Mr. Badger,

As the year ends, I am reviewing my progress. In many respects I have had a successful year: I am now a [position] at [my company], and have passed a milestone of [hours flown]. But I have not yet persuaded you to hire me as a pilot.

Although the course we attended together was disappointing in its content, it was a pleasure to meet and work with your training team during the week. Your investment in the course shows me that you value teaching skills, and that is one of the things I can offer you. At [my company] I am responsible for [aspect of training] and achieved [impressive measurable result].

[more personal information to persuade Steve that I will stay at his company.]*

I hope the New Year results in joy, prosperity and your hiring lots of pilots, including me.



I said I wrote it. I didn't say I sent it.

* Deranged Doctor asked recently if convincing chief pilots that I would stay at their company was still a concern, and yes it is. I'm addressing it in two ways. One is as I did in the letter above to Steve Badger: by including some personal information that proves my desire to work in the area. The other is by applying straight to the companies that other companies fear I'll leave them for!

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Go on, send it. You know it makes sense.