Friday, February 09, 2018

Life is Good

A comment on a recent post made me realize that I haven't updated since last summer, and that when pilots disappear people can worry. I'm fine, really fine, stronger than I've ever been.

Life is amazing. I have two completely different side gigs, both with formal secrecy aspects, so I can't tell you about the awesome things I am doing, but if you read all the credits when you watch a TV show you'll see my name--nope, not telling you which show, but it's awesome. (Television is so much better than it was when I was a kid. The other day a millennial who had been YouTubing classic TV asked me, "did you you watch these non-ironically? Did you think they were good?") I have many new things to learn, some of which are difficult, different from anything I have done before, and diametrically opposed to my talents and existing skill sets, making it challenging and frustrating to the point of tears, but that makes it all the better when I win. In all three of my jobs I work with skilled people whom I respect and trust and they have all commended me for my contribution, so my life is a roller coaster slamming between lows of almost paralyzing self-doubt and glorious highs of triumph and camaraderie.

I also have to study and teach and write reports, and do some forms of creative writing (not that my reports aren't creative), so I have no need for blogging as an impetus to learn new things or provide an outlet for the desire to tell people things. I hope YOU are all well, coasting into exciting new jobs as the pilot shortage wave travels through the demographics, and learning new things that are fun and satisfying.

I have at least one reader who knows me in real life, so if anything irrevocable did happen to me that I couldn't tell you about myself, someone will let you know.