Friday, January 20, 2006


No one doubted that it was a big game of chicken, and that eventually Air Canada and Boeing would work out a deal, but it's good to see the deal announced. Air Canada is buying as many as thity-six new triple sevens, and wow, sixty 787 Dreamliners. The initial commitment is to eighteen and fourteen, respectively, but eventually they'll buy enough that there will be one for me to fly.

Oh and favourite thing heard on the radio today:

ATC: Three four hotel do you have the airport in sight?
Pilot: Ummm ... ahhhhhh .... no ... uh ... I mean ... yes ... ummm ... well ... we can see where it should be ... ummmm.
ATC: Three four hotel, advise airport really in sight.


Greybeard said...

You can speak better to the fixed-wing side of this than I can.....
But as irritated as I am with the French right now for their stand on the GWOT for whatever reason....
selling arms to Saddam.....
their participation in the Oil for food scandal: the biggest scandal in history......
They still make a damn fine helicopter.

The venerable "JetRanger" series made by Bell is another workhorse....reasonably comfortable, and in the case of the JetRanger, maybe the best autorotating helicopter ever.
But the AS350,
(AStar in the U.S., Squirrel everywhere else), is in the same class, and blows the JetRanger outta the water! Anyone riding in the AS350 will vomit the next time they get in a JetRanger.
AS350 noise levels are 50% lower, and the visibility is incomparable.

I suspect, looking at industry purchases right now, that Boeing is still building a better airplane than the Airbus consortium, but as I say, I'm no expert.
But for sure the competition is intense, and I think that's a good thing for Boeing.

Anonymous said...

I have flown Boeing and Airbus aircraft on the line. I like both. I have mixed emotions about the political side of buying non-Boeing aircraft, but I drive a Japanese truck. Is this the pot calling the kettle black?