Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Shoe Makes the Woman

This week I made some serious progress on my New Year's resolutions.

I cleaned out my closet and gave away two bags of used clothing. I still can't bear to discard a big box of ops manuals and pilot operating handbooks I've accumulated from various companies. You never know when you'll have to have access to the exact dimensions of a Navajo Chieftain, and besides I can use them as blog fodder, or or one of the legs falls off my desk, or I run out of firewood.

Boxing week sales yielded a pair of unornamented black mid-heeled pumps that, while I'm sure would be scorned at fifty paces by all characters (and cast) of Sex in the City, will support my weight and support the image of a sharp and capable airline pilot. The rest of the interview suit will follow.

What do you mean, "Aviatrix, you have all this stuff to do and you started with shoes?" I'm female. Shoes are the foundation for everything. It's not like all I did was go shopping. Look how bright and shiny my mammals are. I'm tempted to put up a second string mammal list, too, so you can see how much other updating I've done.

I wonder if everyone does this? Do chief pilots find their in-boxes as full as health club gyms every January?

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Unknown said...

yeah!...i agree with your comments..the shoes makes the woman...i too love my timberland shoes and i look great after wearing my shoes