Thursday, December 29, 2011

Not the Weather Report

I have a few requests to blog about the weather more, and I mean to, but somehow haven't for a while. I was going to today, with a report on the Weather Channel as a jumping-off point, but then I realized something that sidetracked me on that entry.

There's two sorts of being identified as the blogger. One is when someone who reads the blog meets me, or perhaps already knew me but figures out that I am me. Those ones are great, because if you read the blog you must know I mean well, plus you like the blog: no one goes on reading something they dislike. The kind I find more uncomfortable is when someone who doesn't read the blog and who knows me, but not as a friend, discovers that I have a blog, and who then goes quoting me out of context. You see that sort of thing done by and to politicians all the time. They end up defending stupidly innocent actions like where they shop or what their kids wore to the prom. This hasn't happened to me, but I don't think I'd like it if it did. Sometimes I think I should put my real name on the blog so that no one can "out" me, my already having done it myself. Politicians do that, too, "full disclosure"--telling the public things we don't care, just to pre-empt anyone else claiming they are hiding it.

I don't think I will do that in the near future, but I will present for your amusement ...

The Top Ten Ways to Accidentally Out Yourself On Your Own Blog

(I have caught myself doing all of these).

  • 10. Forget to censor your own name when quoting conversations.
  • 9. Post a photograph that shows your recognizable reflection in a shiny object.
  • 8. Post a story about yourself that also makes the national news.
  • 7. Leave yourself logged in to a shared computer.
  • 6. Visit your blog from an FBO computer with a giant screen.
  • 5. Do a real life meet up with fellow bloggers who like to post pictures.
  • 4. Leave your blog in the browser history of someone else's computer.
  • 3. Post the callsign of your aircraft.
  • 2. Send e-mail to a customer from your alter ego e-mail address, with your blog URL in the signature field.
  • And the number one way to embarrassingly out yourself on your own blog is to ...

  • 1. Post a video taken of an amusingly dire report on the Weather Channel, when said video was taken in the hotel room, and clearly shows your reflection in the TV throughout ... naked.

And that's why this blog entry isn't about the weather.