Friday, January 13, 2006


Before I apply to a company, I do some research on it, make sure that they maintain their airplanes and have some respect in the industry, and to find out a bit about where I might be working. I look up the airport and the approaches into it. I read a bit about the aircraft. Just the normal stuff you do to make sure you're not applying to work as a slave to alien terrorists or something.

If I really really want to work there, after I send off the application, or hang up from the telephone call I can spend days envisioning myself flying that airplane on those approaches. I imagine my car parked at the airport, with the licence plate of that province on it, looking strange in some other colour. I imagine myself really enjoying living there, whether it's a cosmopolitan centre with its own NHL team(*), or some place named after a body of water and/or one or more parts of an animal.

It's like being a fifteen-year-old girl and writing your name in your binder, together with the last names of all the guys you like. "Captain Aviatrix" Sigh.

Joke for Canadians:
Q: Why won't they let Hamilton get its own NHL team?
A: Because then Toronto would want one too.

P.S. I just had to explain to my mother why I would want to fly for a major airline. Is she dense or something? "Mom! It's like playing for the NHL!" Does it mean something that between the National Hockey League and hormone-struck teenagers I can completely analogize my life? Do hormone-struck teenage NHL draft picks use airline pilot analogies?

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Mental visualization: I've never used it in the situation you describe, but I've used it in golf for years. See the shot--see the job.