Thursday, January 05, 2006

Overheard In New York

There's a website I look at sometimes called Overheard in New York, supposedly composed of real snippets of overheard conversation from that city. I ran across one entry that was overheard over New York.

Pilot: Ladies and gentlemen, I apologize for the delay in landing the aircraft, but the air traffic controller here at LaGuardia is an angry, bitter man.

I'll have to remember that one, for molifying delayed passengers. But the air traffic controllers I know are all wonderful, accommodating people. Except for the one who lost it the other week. There's a pilot out there who should be very glad that tower controller doesn't have a death ray.


car01 said...

I suppose it's a better excuse than the usual "our computers have just crashed" which seems to be rather widespread in my line of work.

On second thoughts, "our computers have just crashed" might not elicit the appropriate response from passengers in your line of work.

James said...

There's also a great blog called Overheard at Western ( )which is basically funny things overheard at The University of Western Ontario in London ON. (not where I go to school :p )

I haven't come across anything to do with aviation, but it's still pretty humourous.