Thursday, August 31, 2023

Never Getting to Step Three

 So, it turns out that I spend enough of my waking moments writing the sort of things I used to blog about, mentoring pilots, troubleshooting airplanes, planning flights, and analyzing weather that it's the very last thing I I wan to do on my downtime. Maybe I'll get to step three some day

But I saved this for you.


Okay, you think, so she is frequently enough working at 05:30 on a Saturday, that her computer thinks those are working hours, and they are, really, aren't they?  Yeah, but I'm writing that e-mail at 23:10. At work.

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Doing This Instead

 I thought as I wrote this to a pilot recently, that it's the sort of thing I used to write on my blog, except just doing it myself, demonstrating it, rather than being so pretentious as to tell anyone else to do it. 

Friday, August 11, 2023

Snagging the Carpet

Step Two of the nine steps of being able to defer something is ensuring it can actually be deferred. If it's a stain on the carpet, it can be deferred.  But remember than in order to defer something, it first needs to be reported as a defect. In Canada, that is referred to as "snagging." Like "I snagged the landing light." And the result is a snag. "Talk to maintenance about the wording before you put the snag in the journey log." 
Americans call them squawks. And they don't have a journey log, so they write them on a squawk sheet. Americans can tell me whether the squawk sheet is a legal document or not. Those last two sentences were an aside so you could understand me when I said I have never in my life seen a pilot snag a stain on a carpet. Airplane carpets just get dirtier and dirtier until someone tears them out and replaces them. I've done that.

And it's bed time so I'll get to step two later.