Sunday, August 01, 2010

Resolution Update

I made some ridiculously optimistic new year's resolutions this year and with five months left in the year, not only have I neglected them, but I until I looked them up just now, I had forgotten what they were. It's time for some revisions.

The running goal proved to be counterproductive, because while I started off well with a few months of distance and a good base, I then tried to go too fast and kept injuring myself, setting myself back. I've been awesome at keeping to the 5BX programme (wow that reads like something else if you don't know it says FIVE B X, for "five basic exercises"), though, and am almost at the level recommended for a thirty-five year old male, with little doubt that I'll achieve it on schedule. (The women's program was suspiciously wimpy, so I stopped doing it when it diverged enough from the men's that I couldn't just incorporate it. Maybe I'll pick it up again later). It's much better to run healthy and uninjured than to run fast, so I'm going to scrap the speed goals and instead just count how many kilometres I run before the end of the year.

The people idea worked because it did establish a habit, so even after I forgot the goal it snapped my out of being a hermit. My list of unique contacts ends in mid-February. I did pretty well up to then, but I guess I have to cross off the names of people for whom e-mail bounced or postal mail was returned as undeliverable. That's sad. I'll try to track some of those lost people down.

Simming daily was a good idea and a habit I just didn't get established. I need to set it up so it gets done like checking my e-mail and doing my 5BX. I'll keep trying with this one.

I laugh at the home project idea. The only projects I've had at home this year have been unpacking, laundry and repacking. I think I'll revise this one to try to start each work rotation with a clean desk, and that means having actually dealt with the items piled on it, not just dumped them in a cardboard box. (Yes, I actually have a pile of increasingly ancient cardboard boxes under my desk, full of the stuff I have dumped there over the years. Some of it may be address changes of my lost friends, too).

New adventures are always great, and really it's adventures and fun with my friends that have prevented home projects, okay that and watching five seasons of Lost in one frenzied binge this winter.


Rhonda said...

I was wondering recently what had happened to your sim reports.

I was also not impressed with the 5BX ladies routine. "Suspiciously wimpy" is right!

Aviatrix said...

I think at the time ladies still wanted to avoid developing visible musculature at all cost, and it was "modern" and "unconventional" not to be continually gravid from puberty to menopause. I still can barely wrap my mind around the fact that normal educated people, even people with degrees in medicine and biology, really believed that women's bodies weren't capable of things like marathons and heavy lifting. I would have thought that the weight of human survival through history and around the world showed that all kinds of humans are capable of amazing physical feats.

townmouse said...

For all its faults, I find facebook is a great way of reconnecting with people whose details you have lost.

Michael5000 said...

I was going to make a hilarious comment making fun of how you left out the "W" on your goal of sWimming everyday, and then I remembered whom I was dealing with.

Rhonda said...

Part of those misconceptions about women's bodies were due to the fact that they weren't studied, and were, at various times and in various cultures, considered "unclean" in various ways and not to be looked at, much less studied in detail, for all kinds of reasons that their proponents thought were perfectly moral, logical, or whatever standards they used for validity.

I wish I could say that's all in the past.