Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Loss of Separation

If you're me, when you see news like this Convair 580 crash in British Columbia, you are sad for the pilots and their families, and you hope that your friend wasn't on board. You don't wait for the names to be released, but talk to whom you must to find out enough about the deceased to rule out anyone you know who works for the company. And then you're glad because your friend is alive, and tell him so. And then you are sad for your friend, who has lost beloved colleagues, but still glad because he is alive and well. And then you discover that someone else you know has not been so lucky as to have her friend not be on board that airplane. You feel a little guilty for a moment, until you remind yourself that a burned out cockpit and unreleased crew names is not a Schrödinger's box, with a waveform that will collapse according to who hopes hardest. It's happened. So you are sad for the other friend, and for the pilot you did not know, who was her friend, and for the dead pilots you did not know, and for the other pilots you did know, who did not survive earlier days. And then you shed a few tears without being completely sure whom they are for. And then you check the weather and NOTAMs and go to work. And that's what you do, if you're me.

Everyone fly safe, please.


kbq said...

I don't know which is worse, sometimes: loosing someone you know, or the guilt from the feeling of relief that it *wasn't* someone you know...

Be safe, 'trix!


Anonymous said...

Has anyone been keeping track of how many commercial pilots have died in BC in the last couple of years in the line of duty... seems like we've lost a few. I recall at least three float/seaplane accidents... now this ... ?

Yes - be safe all. Flying is still dangerously unforgiving.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts and prayers are with the deceased, families, and friends. Be very careful in your travels my friend, a whiskey on the rocks await you.


Frank Van Haste said...

Dear Trix,

As Ernie Gann pointed out, fate is the hunter. Keep doing what you can to keep the deck stacked in your favor and sometime, raise a glass to friends, and friends of friends, gone West.