Thursday, March 03, 2005

Dreaming of Airplanes

Last night I literally dreamed about a conversation with a member of the Badger management team, where he was setting up an appointment for me to check out in one of their airplanes. The difficulty (don't dreams always have difficulties?) was that he seemed to have mistaken me for someone else, so I didn't know which aircraft I needed to learn about (they operate several types), in advance of the checkout.

I like the suggestion below from David. I need to get my mentors on the phone.


Anonymous said...

Whichever aircraft it is, it will be a big scary one that goes very high up with no visible means of support. And no parachutes.

Aviatrix said...
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Aviatrix said...

I'm figuring it will have wings. Those are a visible means of support, and not just in advertisements for feminine hygiene products.

Hmm ... New airline name: "Always" (now with wings!)