Saturday, March 26, 2005

An Almost Cunning Plan

Some ex-Skyward pilots who have just found work at Air Badger are on their way out this week from Thompson, where they know pretty much everyone in town, to here, where they hardly know anyone but each other. They will be staying pretty close to the airport where I work. Naturally I thought of taking a couple other local aviatrices to meet up with the guys for some welcome-to-town beers.

And then a plan comes to mind. What if we were to welcome them to town so enthusiastically that they were unable to make it to the Air Badger groundschool course the next day? Clearly we aviatrices would have to go in their stead. Someone's got to fill the pilot seats in Badger's fleet. That would teach them a lesson for being better qualified than us for jobs we wanted, eh?

My plan has at least three major flaws:

  • I could never be that mean.
  • These guys are from northern Manitoba. Who can afford that much beer?
  • They read this blog.

Looks like I'll have to revise the plan. I could kidnap them, but I don't have a basement to keep them in, nor a backyard to bury the bodies. Maybe I'll just meet them and be nice.

Also I met a guy at work today who flies for Air Hyena. They operate a type that I absolutely have to fly before I die, or they're all gone, and apparently I have the qualifications they want, so Tuesday I'm giving the chief pilot a call, and we'll see when I can get out to Hyena to follow up and convince him to hire me. If I don't mention calling Hyena in Wednesday's blog then I'm obviously not serious about this aviation thing.


Lost Av8r said...

Ahh, I'm a lightweight, you'd be able to pull it on the west coast, I can hardly wait :)

Anonymous said...

1. Seems like you missed a chance to get laid.
2. You still have DC3s in Canadia?

Lost Av8r said...

The DC3 is one of the greatest airplanes of all time. Given that most of Canada North of the 60th parallel is accessible only by plane, why wouldn't we use it.

Check this out Buffalo Airways from Yellowknife, NWT

Aviatrix said...

There really is NO POINT in trying to anonymize anything, is there? I knew if I named the DC3 everyone would instantly recognize Buffalo, but ... well it just goes to show how unique and cool the DC3 is.

Lost Av8r said...

Sorry, I did even think that it was Buffalo until I already had the comment in (I'm not to bright that way). I drew the link up for Andy to look at, given his comment #2. Anyways, wherever you're applying, best of luck.