Thursday, March 10, 2005

Progress Report

It's been a good couple of days on the new job hunting front. It's emotionally draining making phone calls to people you don't know, telling them that you're a fantastically wonderful pilot and they would be missing out if they didn't hire you forthwith, so I intersperse those calls with calls to mentors, friends, and generally nice folks who I know will tell me to keep it up, and perhaps drop a few juicy rumours.

I had promising conversations with folks at Groundhog and Badger, and then the chief pilot at Aardvark picked up his own phone and let me in on some recent changes to the company that may mean Aviatrix has a fighting chance at flying airplanes featuring the silhouette of an extensile-tongued mammal on the vertical stabilizer.

It all made it easier to smile nicely and be happy for the pilot whose interview with Badger went very well. I still haven't got one, so it's unlikely I'm being looked at for this round of hiring.

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