Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Making Lemonade

"Mr. Leblanc admits the Jetsgo brand has blemishes, but he also says awareness has picked up."
  -- Ottawa Business Journal

Sure, his airline ceased operations in the middle of spring break, stranding passengers all over Jetsgo's routes, but look at all the free publicity! So you see folks, it was all a publicity stunt. Running a jet off the runway didn't net him enough ink, but this was what he needed to make sure the whole country has heard of Jetsgo. Passengers really do want the cheapest airfare, whatever it takes.


Lost Av8r said...

I was taken aback when I read that too. Some people never learn

Anonymous said...

You seen that Ryanair are faffing around about pilots' anon log? Screw them.All strength to your elbow (English expression meaning something or other)