Friday, March 11, 2005

Playing With Fire

From AIP-AIR Annex 1-4, Survival Advisory Information

In the hands of a trained person, pyrotechnics can be very good. In hands of a novice they can reduce chances of survival.
Maybe I have an odd sense of humour, but it makes me laugh. I imagine the various ways in which a novice could use a flare pack to reduce his life expectancy.

That entire survival section in the A.I.P (Aeronautical Information Publication) seems to have been written somewhat tongue in cheek. The attitude seems to be, "If they aren't smart enough to realize the essential minimum equipment, they won't be smart enough to realize that they are being openly mocked." How else do you get advice like this?

Training is also needed in how to melt snow in a container over a fire.
Hint: don't use pyrotechnics. Here are some tips and some more.

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