Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Yellowknife Road Trip

"Eighty percent of success is showing up."

   -- Woody Allen

You can't get a job in this industry just by sending out your resume, or making telephone calls. Not unless you have time on type and a current PPC, so you could slide right into the left seat and fly it away. You've got to show up, ready to work.

My only useful PPC is now expired, but I have enough total time to keep the insurance companies happy, so I'm employable. The only way I've ever got a flying job was by asking someone I already knew for one, but I had to meet the people in the first place. I'm planning to go to Edmonton, Fort Smith and Yellowknife.

I've already arranged the time off work. Once I show up, I just need to come through with the other twenty percent in order to get a job.


Lost Av8r said...

Good Luck and God speed! :)

Lost Av8r said...
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Anonymous said...

Only 20% to go? Ooh, I'd like to change my job. Now, if it's that easy.........