Thursday, July 01, 2010

One Hundred and Forty-Three Years

It will be Canada Day on July 1st, and I think I'll be celebrating it both in Canada and with friends for the first time in years. This will involve a backyard barbeque, beer, face painting, and I'm going to sing God Save the Queen and O Canada. I won't go to the fireworks, though. Fireworks displays are kind of boring for me. I think appreciation of extended explosions is linked to the Y-chromosome.

So if you're Canadian, whether you're celebrating the continuation of the country of your birth, being accepted for immigration into this society, or not having had your people totally eradicated by the newcomers, I hope what you're eating is tasty, what you're drinking slakes your thirst, what you're doing is fun and whom you're doing it with are a joy to you. I'll raise a cold one to those of you who are working, and hope that you're enjoying a good day.


Frank Van Haste said...

Dear Trix:

My wife, the charming Patricia, is an enthusiastic appreciator of fireworks, and is (to the best of my knowledge) bereft of a Y-chromosome. Counterexample, eh?

Meanwhile, have a glorious Canada Day. Enjoy taking pride in your country, so richly deserved.

Warm regards from your neighbor to the south,


Rhonda said...

I like fireworks too. Although I admit to preferring the Symphony of Fire (where they're set to music) over the randomness of most fireworks.


Unknown said...

My Y-chromosomes maxed out on extended explosions several decades ago.

Geekzilla said...

Happy Canada Day! Are you really going to sing??

Sue said...

Canada Day is listed on my kitchen calendar, so I was dimly aware of it (yes, I'm an American). It's 11:00 pm on the 30th, but I won't wait an hour to wish you a joyous holiday. Although we don't often say so, we appreciate having Canada as our neighbor to the north.

Q. Pheevr said...

Happy Canada Day!

(I'm working in Amsterdam, so enjoy it for me, too, eh?)

Corey said...


i like fireworks... but only the backyard fireworks... but i dont like lighting them myself because im scared of them. i like the look on the face of the people lighting them because they always look one of two ways: 1)excited and giddy 2)macho-and-not-showing-it that they're blowing stuff up.

en tout cas, bonne journée du Canada, il faut que je travaille mais quand j'aurai finit, je leverai mon verre à toi aussi.


Splendor said...

No fireworks for me, but I got to fly past a huge lightning storm, followed by some St. Elmo's fire, which is just as good I guess.

Happy Canada Day from the other end of the world.


amulbunny's random thoughts said...

Happy Canada Day ! Crack open a Carlings for me and I'll sing the harmony on O Canada.


Anonymous said...

I find fireworks boring too - I have never met anyone else that felt that way, or admitted it!! Love lightening though (long as I am safe on the ground). Happy Canada Day!!