Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Baffin Island Hatchlings

This video is perfectly named, because the behaviour of the parachutists in their wing suits is exactly like downy chicks trying to copy their parents flight before they have developed the feathers, muscles and cardiovascular system required for flight. They jump up and down, fall on their bellies and crash into one another, all of which tones them up so that when they are fully fledged they can fly, albeit with an initial amusing lack of directional control.

I like they way they have used the tent as an egg metaphor, too.

On a completely different topic,

This is a good review site for pilot-related iPod apps.


Scoon said...

A bit off topic, but I read this and thought of you. It's from

"Today, during an early morning preflight check, I spotted liquid pooling under the aircraft. I rubbed my fingers in it and sniffed. Good news? No dangerous fuel or hydraulic fluid leak. Bad news? My copilot was too lazy to walk back to the hangar to take a leak. FML"

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up on the apps. I snagged Wind-Aid for my iPhone.

Ron @ DubaiFunHolidays said...

well, flying an airplane and being responsible for 100s of people is a great job - i appreciate pilots for thar - great job they do