Sunday, March 26, 2006

Good Names For Volleyball Teams

Google directs a lot of people to my website as a result of queries for "good name for volley ball team" and similar searches. This seems to be the result of this one posting. If Cockpit Conversation is the best the internet can serve in the interest of numerous volleyball team namers, I think I and my readers can better the situation.

Volleyball is played either in on a court or on the beach with teams of six people whacking a white, slightly squishy ball over a net. The ball enters play by someone serving it, that is whacking it reasonably hard over the net into the other team's court. Neither team is allowed to touch the ball more than three times before it crosses the net to the other side, the same person can't hit it twice in a row, and it has to go over, not under the net. If you break those rules, or the ball touches the ground within bounds on your side of the net, the opposing team gets a point. Whichever team just scored makes the next serve, and when the service changes sides, the members of the team that just won the right to serve all move around one position, so that a new person is doing the serving.

The various sorts of ball-whacking are called set, spike, bump. I think you're allowed to hit the ball with your head or your elbow. Not sure about knees or feet, probably not. Oh and to keep track of who is going to whack the ball, you yell "mine!" That's about all I know.

Here are my suggestions for team names, based mainly on puns, and my mental associations with the game.

Things That Go Bump in the Night
Bumper Cars
Spike Force
Now Serving
Popular Girls
Blonde and Bouncy
Bruise Squad
Itchy Shorts
It Was In
The Miners
Coal Miners
Diamond Miners
Net Profits
Yours Truly
The Volleyball Scene
Six Guys Named Bruce
Courting Disaster
Nothing but Net
What's That Line For?
Sand in Our Shorts
Hundred Pound Weaklings

And here's a volleyball team naming URL that I'm sure my googlers found, but apparently that wasn't enough. Can we contribute anything else?

If you are one of the googling volleyball people, and you use one of the names suggested by me or my loyal readers, you owe us a picture of your team.


Max said...
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Max said...

Are you being served?

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or were there a lot of aviation related names on that list? One of the suggestions was actually "Air Traffic Control"!

Anonymous said...

balls up


Anonymous said...

Our volleyball team is "Team Moped", named after my friend who gives credit to the saying about fat chicks and mopeds.

Anonymous said...

i really liked the 'six guys named bruce one'. but i need one for four girls... and its only for a story i'm writing, not a real team. so no 'real' team. haha. just wanted to stop by and say this was helpful though! it was a lot better then the other websites!

Anonymous said...

How about "Six Girls Named Bruce"

:) said...

Our beach volleyball team is called the Sandy Cracks.

Anonymous said...

the ace kickers

Anonymous said...

We just started a competitive vball team and we dont know what name we should have. What do you guys think about the name Intensity?? Idk just a thought but tell me soon!!!

Aviatrix said...

Don't know if you noticed, but you just posted a comment to a two-year-old blog entry, and not on a volleyball blog. No one but the blog owner (me) is going to see your comment. Intensity is a fine name for your team.

Anonymous said...

I have a meeting tonnight to decide our new team name (wem got a new coach) So far we've thought of : Aces, Phantoms, Static, Titans, Lightning, Thunder, Krush and Spikerz! We just can't choose so I was looking for some advice.

BTW: You can use any part of your body as long as it doesn't touch the ground or is a lift. Feet, knees and all.

Aviatrix said...

Go with your look, your personality, the themes in your league, some local landmark, tradition, or form of wildlife.