Sunday, March 19, 2006


It has been pointed out to me that the three day period I gave myself to get a job offer from my preferred company contains a weekend. To cover for the fact that I am that stupid, I blinked in mock confusion at the person who told me this.

"Wik-end? wik-end?: I keep hearing this word. What is this wik-end of which you speak?"

It dawned on him that aviation doesn't shut down on weekends. He acknowledged that I didn't get weekends off, so maybe my prospective airline didn't either.

And than I milked it. "While we're at it, maybe you can explain this five o' clock concept that people get so excited about. Everyone's always looking forward to five o' clock. What's so great about that? They are looking forward to the sun going down in the winter, because they like working in the dark? I've heard some people get meal breaks at their jobs, is the dinner break at five o' clock? Or maybe they are just excited about the time they get to report for work in the morning?"

"Oh shut up. Some people have normal jobs."

I'm glad I don't have a normal job. And, one way or the other, I'll have a new abnormal job soon. Fingers crossed, it's Vole.


Kris Johnson said...

I look forward to five o'clock at my job. People stop bothering me with stupid questions at that time, so I can start my workday.

Anonymous said...

Hoping that Vole calls you quick!

Anonymous said...

If I'm in the office at 5pm it is a Bad Day!