Friday, March 17, 2006

Family Feud

Do you know the television show Family Feud? A surveyer asks a hundred people a question like "name a vegetable" or "give a reason why a couple would fight" and then teams (usually composed of members of the same family) try to guess what the top answers were in the survey. I saw an episode that had a relevant question.

Top eight answers on the board. Reasons why a person would turn down a job.

Low pay/Salary 60
Location 17
Schedule/Hours 6
Don't like job 4
Overqualified 2
Don't like boss 2
Lousy benefits 2
Got a better job 2

I've got an offer from Vizcacha. It has low pay, a lousy location, pilot hours, and lousy benefits, but I'd take it in a minute. Except that I'm holding out for an offer from Vole. Vole has better pay, a worse location, and some benefits I think I'll like. Don't worry: I won't turn Vizcacha down unless Vole is in hand.

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