Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Vizcacha vs. Vole

I don't know the probable outcome of a contest between a vole and a vizcacha in a zoological sense, but for the companies they represent, I must know what I should choose.

Vole would be taking me on as a captain on an ubiquitous airplane type that I'm not identifying because I like to be coy, and because I don't want to be a Google hit for the name. This airplane's nickname is homonymous to that of a garden implement, so I think I'll call it the Weedwhacker. Over at Blogging at FL250, Sam refers to his steed as the Megawhacker, so Weedwhacker fits right in. Vole operates a number of aircraft types, enough to keep me occupied for years, and from all accounts it's a fine place to work. There are a number of bases, only one of which I've ever been to, and some of which qualify as armpits. Very cold armpits.

Vizcacha operates something I'll call the Cuisinart, a synonym for its real life nickname, and the job there would be seasonal. I know it has a great company spirit. The flying would probably be easier. It's all VFR, specialized aerial work. The experience would be valuable, and a summer spent doing that would make it easier to get a job at another company like Vole, possibly with more attractive bases. The pay is lower, although the high-end pay for the experienced specialists is probably better than the mid-range at Vole. None of the bases is as attractive as Vole's best base, but I wouldn't be at that base with Vole, anyway.

I should go for the best long term prospect, which is Vole, but Vizcacha will call first. Also Vizcacha is easier flying. It would be like a summer vacation. I really thnk I'm going to get both job offers. What a fantastic luxury.

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