Monday, March 06, 2006

Mammal Update

I haven't been updating my sidebar, but I have been working on my mammals.

Still haven't heard from Vizcacha, where I interviewed a couple of weeks back, but that was to be expected: I should hear this week. I have also being playing a vigourous game of telephone tag with someone at Vole, who claimed he wanted to set up a screening interview, but then I was stuck being "it" and couldn't get a hold of him. I tried to call someone else there but was told he was out of the country for a month. That sounded a lot like the Nutria chief pilot who was "on a flight" until I revealed that I had time and training on the appropriate aircraft, at which point he magically teleported into his office.

I e-mailed a contact at Vole who says, no, they definitely need people, but that the Steve Jr. I was losing to at telephone tag is unlikely to call me, because he's just had an "incident." My contact has given me a new name to try. I'll make lots of calls tomorrow morning, just in case Vizcacha doesn't appreciate my magnificence.

Speaking of magnificence, I discovered that an amazingly competent, clever, and well-regarded (non-pilot) co-worker had fifteen interviews at different companies and was turned down for all of them, including our company. We called her back after the person we hired didn't work. I was inspired by her story: absolutely shocking proof that multiple rejection should not be taken personally.


Nicolas said...

If you want it bad enough you will eventually get it. Just remember to say that to me when im looking for work in another year or so.

Anoynmous said...

...multiple rejection should not be taken personally.

Supply and demand are strict masters. In an environment which includes ramp rats, I suppose the employers can afford to be pretty picky. The best strategy would seem to be to get your name out in as many places as possible, and hope it's near the top of a list at the right time. I'm glad I don't have that kind of worry right now.