Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Today I heard that one of my colleagues has an interview with Badger next week, and that another of my colleagues has received the "we will never hire you" message. Different reason, same brutal but honest finality.

I think I will call up Steve Badger and ask him if he would be interested in a pilot with [my time] hours, and a few hundred hours on [his aircraft]. I expect he would be. Then I'll tell him, "This is Aviatrix. If you had hired me last year, that would be me. Do you think you'll still be interested in a pilot like that next year?"

I really hope the guy who has the interview gets the job. He will do a great job. I'm proud to have worked with him. And he has less than a third of my experience.

Someone told me another rumour today that one of our pilots had landed a job at a large company in another province. I hope it's true, because the pilot it was rumoured about is me. Aren't rumours fun?

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GC said...

Who started THAT rumor??

How funny!