Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Unfair Fight

An A380 struck a CRJ while manoeuvring on the ramp at JFK Monday night. No one was injured, but look at how far the Airbus spun that little jet around.


ScurvyDog said...

That fight was about as fair as when I was 8 years old and thought I could take on the class bully. I was tall, skinny, and weighed 100 lbs and he weighed a good 200 lbs. One swat from him, my tail spun around like a RJ getting hit by a 380!

Sarah said...

Yow. The airbus was really moving, too. That RJ is going to need some careful inspection before flying again.

Not to assign blame in any way, but I wonder why it was stopped so far out from the gate?

majroj said...


Frank Van Haste said...

Dear Trix:

That video should be shown to the pax as part of the pre-flight brief, with "THIS is why when we say 'Keep your seatbelt fastened 'til the Capt turns off the seatbelt sign' we MEAN it!"



Michael5000 said...