Friday, May 20, 2011

Fighting for Others

I have a pilot friend visiting from another province, looking for work herself. It's no conflict of interest, because we have different experience and different goals, so it's been a source of inspiration to see her share my frustrating experiences and the same psychological difficulty to do the simplest things like walk into someone's place of business and hand over a resume. Preparing for her visit renewed my efforts, and possibly paid off in the opportunities that are opening up for me now. I hope it's not too frustrating for her to see me getting a chance when she is at a tough stage of the hunt.

As I strategize and arrange networking opportunities for her with people who I think can give her advice or help get her resume in the right hands, it occurs to me that I am somehow willing to work harder to help her find employment than I am for myself. I've been more creative in my thinking and more willing to call people to ask for help when it's not for me. I don't even think of myself as a particularly nice or generous person, maybe a six or a seven on a scale of one to ten running from most selfish to most generous. I hate it when people mess with my stuff, but there's something in me that leaps to defend against injustice, and leaves me almost unable to not help, if something is within my power. How to harness this energy for my own success? Heck, if I could just harness it to get my own laundry done I'd be ahead.


Anonymous said...

Or build houses for Cambodians. You are too hard on yourself. Best of luck in the job hunt.

hawk205 said...

All you have to do is to think of yourself as your readers do: Talented, capable, intelligent, superb work ethic.

Do NOT fall into the pit of blaming yourself.
just read few of your readers comments every morning and you ought to be pumped up to go. Any company would be lucky to have you

cockney steve said...

You DO have a pronounced tendancy to hide your light under a bushel.!

If I had to hazard a guess, it would be that interviewers are intimidated by Your offhand self-deprecating view of your achievements. I have seen cases where employers (or potential ones) feel so insecure about applicants who are intellectually and academically their better and more experienced, they won't hire,as their fragile ego is threatened.

You're a person who would make any parents proud. sometime soon, the balance is bound to be redressed- you've spread your fair share of good karma..