Friday, May 13, 2011

Spring Rains

Now not only have I made progress towards the aforementioned job opportunity through a blog reader, but another opportunity came up through an arm's-length Facebook contact, a friend reported that a business owner posted a status of "I really need to hire a pilot!". Vive social media! They are both jobs similar to the one that I have so enjoyed these last four years, both with interesting new challenges and different things to recommend them. I have spoken to both potential employers by telephone and both want to talk to me in person.

I'm trying to simultaneously be prepared, be calm, not get my hopes up high enough to hurt should they be dashed, but be enthusiastic about something I know I can do and that employers should have no trouble seeing that I can and will do. I'm trying to decide now which job I would want if offered both, but it's hard to say without more information. Some I have sought from friends and some from personal research. Both people want to show me their operations and let me meet them, so I'll keep an open mind. I'm driving to meet one and then the other is flying me to another city. I still haven't heard from the company that most recently interviewed me, but it's two weeks past the date they said they expected to make their decision by, so I think that ship has sailed. It seems odd, but people in aviation can be that callous towards the candidates they don't want. I'm sure the non-aviation people are starting to think that there must be something terribly defective about me, but what are you going to do? Airplanes ask tough questions with no warning, and they don't give you a chance to say goodbye if you answer incorrectly.

It's always the job you want less that calls you back first, but of course it is, because the employers know the pecking order just as well as the pilots.

The post title is with reference to the expression "it never rains but it pours," with a reminder that rain can be a good thing. My thoughts go out to those of you suffering from floods this season. There seem to be more than usual this year. Everything is turning green here as spring arrives. In fact right across Canada, and even as far north as Whitehorse, temperatures are creeping into the teens. That's a big change for the prairies and a smaller change for the coasts, but for a fortnight or so everyone in the cities has comfortable light jacket weather. I wonder if spring is perhaps my favourite season. I do like beginnings, and new opportunities, and it's a great time for hiring in aviation.


zb said...

Woo-hoo? This post makes me want to know the details about the current time delay between life and blogging, which tends to vary on this blog, and has always been something I have enjoyed.

Paul said...

Good luck. May you get two offers.

Then we can help you decide. ;)


Rhonda said...

A few years ago, after a long period of unemployment, I had two interviews within a week of each other. Funny how it works sometimes, isn't it?

coreydotcom said...

bonne chance!

Arf said...

Good luck!
I know that in the world I exist in (academic) often rejection letters come months after interviews have happened, so it isn't exclusive to the flying world that there are big lags. Usually, though, a rejection comes evetually.

Anyhow, pulling for you here: hope the right job comes along and grabs you.