Thursday, July 23, 2009

I Love Paper

After seeing as much as I could of Whitehorse, I took the hotel shuttle to the airport where I chatted with a Toronto geologist who was originally from the Caribbean and an outfitter who was originally from Calgary but now lived further north than Whitehorse and had come south to here for business. There's a lot of Canada I don't think about from day to day.

As a result of my experiences in the airport, I made the following list.

Ten Things You Can Do Easily with a Paper Air Canada Boarding Pass
(but not with the iPod)

  1. Hold it in your teeth
  2. Use it as a bookmark
  3. Fold it inside your wallet
  4. Abandon it in the seat pocket in front of you before changing planes
  5. Roll your luggage over it
  6. Watch security personnel drop it on the floor
  7. Get a new one for free if it is lost or mutilated
  8. Walk through the security scanner carrying it
  9. Staple it to your expense report
  10. Get admitted to the secure area at Whitehorse airport

Details on that tomorrow.


Geekzilla said...

Uh... what's going on?

Aviatrix said...

Post seems perfectly fine to me. What happened with it at your end?

Anonymous said...

11. Find your flight number to fill in alien immigration form.

12. Find your seat number when you realise, after leaving the aircraft, that you've left the iPod and ask a helpful airport bloke to retrieve it for you.