Thursday, December 04, 2008

Who is in Montréal?

Aviatrix is in Brossard, just across Pont Champlain from l'Île de Montréal. I think I will be free tonight and on Saturday to meet anyone that's around.


Anonymous said...

It would be worth the flight from Oz just to have a Christmas drink with you - and to discuss the vagaries of our common Westminster parliamentary system.
I stalk your blog each morning, and love the life exuding from my screen.
Still waiting for news of your book!!??
Merry Christmas from outback down under

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe I missed this rare and golden opportunity! I guess that's what happens when my RSS reader only updates the next day! I hope you enjoyed your time in la belle province and judging by the CAVU outside of my office window as I type this you probably got off to a great flight today.

I'll be the little C172 flying VFR out of CYRO tomorrow if you are in that 'hood!

Aviatrix said...

I'm still here. I think I'm working tonight, but with tomorrow off.

Anonymous said...

Ahh! If you can finagle yourself a trip over to Rockliffe (probably 20 minutes in your aircraft!) I'd gladly purchase an admission to and give you a tour of the Canada Aviation Museum on our field. I'm not an expert in all the exhibits but I share in the joy of it all.

If you're "stuck" here in Montreal then I suggest a quick car or metro trip from the south shore to our downtown core. Skip Crescent St. and go straight for St. Laurent otherwise known as "The Main" you can eat in high falutent restos with poor service and overpriced menus but it has so much joie da vive! Even if you don't speak french.

If I didn't have to drive back home to Ottawa tonight I'd try harder to persuade you to a local flight. Are you flying out of CYHU? Best of luck!

Aviatrix said...

If you can finagle yourself a trip over to Rockliffe (probably 20 minutes in your aircraft!)

I'm afraid it doesn't work that way in commercial flying. It's only "my" airplane because I'm responsible for it. I don't get to go out daytripping with it. If I'm going from A to B and have to stop for gas or customs anyway, then I can choose a fuel or overnight stop at my discretion, but other than that I'm tied to my clients' needs.

Anonymous said...

Daytripping. :)

I remember someone asked you if you'd be taking your work plane to Oshkosh. Not too likely!

Though I did hear about someone who did fly in to OSH a few years ago in his own personal B-747. The owner of Icelandic Airlines, I think.

Aviatrix said...

It could happen. Fellow blogger Sulako took one of his work planes to Oshkosh. The boss wanted to go see the show.