Sunday, June 19, 2005

Why Not?

Air Canada pilots rejected the big Boeing purchase the company planned, because the new type was tied to a change in the way pilots would be paid for flying what type of airplanes. I'm really disappointed.

Come on people, all those beautiful new airplanes? I can't wait to get my hands on one. The better the company does, the more money there is to pay pilots, and forcing them to buy second-hand, less inefficient airplanes isn't going to increase anyone's paycheque.

Maybe I'm just an ignorant youngster because I haven't transitioned from ogling the big shiny airplanes and saying, "I just want to fly!" to saying, "I just want to be paid!" but hmm. Well, if any Air Canada pilots read my blog, leave a comment, or send me an e-mail and tell me how the new Boeings would have hurt you. They sure wouldn't have hurt me. I was looking forward to flying one, one day.

Update: The CBC story says that compensation for training is the issue. It would be especially juvenile for me to say, at this point, "no one would have to pay me to learn to fly a Dreamliner." That's how this industry got into such a disgusting mess in the first place: pilots like to fly so much that we fly first and worry about being paid later, so we get paid only enough to eat, because training costs go up if your pilots are starving to death all the time.


Anonymous said...

Nah. Buy Airbus

Anonymous said...

Riiight... because with Airbus, the smaller lines are okay with pulling out seven standard rows of seats and replacing them with thirteen to create the "economy" class!

GC said...

And you can sell Airbus for scrap after 17 years.


If it 'aint a Boeing, I 'aint a-going!

Anonymous said...

I fly the Boeing 737NG. It is a uncomfortable plane to be in. It is very noisy, and has very little room for the pilots. The flight displays, however, are great - but so are they on the Airbus.

I still have to meet a pilot that has converted to the Airbus and wants to go back flying Boeing.

Also - according to our company mechs - they have to go over every new Boeing they receive and fix errors made during assembly. The Airbuses however – perfect.

Aviatrix said...

Anon: Interesting. That doesn't seem to be the reason for the ACPA decision, though. I'm trying to find out. I have a contact who was at the ACPA meeting, but his days off and mine haven't coincided yet, 'cause I got called in on my day off.