Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The Joy of the Chase

The English hunt foxes on horseback. Hounds pick up and track the scent of the fox across the countryside, and the riders urge their horses to follow, galloping across fields and leaping over hedges and walls, thoroughly enjoying the pursuit of the fox. When they catch it, I think they cut off its tail and give it to someone, but they don't actually do anything enjoyable with the fox. The whole aim of the exercise is the pursuit. Lately this has started to worry me. Not the fox hunting itself: I think they banned it in England. But you see, the fox is a burrowing mammal.

Sometimes wanting is superior to having. I've really had a grand time these last few years, suffering for my art, as it were. I have the art of pursuing chief pilots down to a science. I know the script. Now I'm a little frightened of my own impending success. Once I catch the fox, I hope it doesn't bite me.


sweavo said...

You're right about it being banned, though it was very recent. About time too I say, they banned badger baiting, cock fighting and dancing bears many years ago, but were slow to close down the bloodsport of the moneyed classes.

Sorry, that wasn't really on topic was it.

Avimentor said...

Excellent news! It takes training, talent, and determination to have a career in aviation. You seem to have all three and there is little doubt that you will be successful.

The real danger is not that the fox might bite you. Rather, if all you have is the goal, what's left once you have achieved your objective? The easy answer might be to catch more foxes.

Tommy Lasorda said that managing a baseball team was like holding a dove: Hold it too tight, you kill it. Hold it too loosely, it will fly away.

I seldom resort to sports analogies ... really!

Aviatrix said...

That's okay sweavo. If I can get carried away with my metaphors then so can you. So long as no one gets upset when we get onto the topic of aborted takeoffs.

Anoynmous said...

If you want encouragement, I think your history speaks for itself. "If it's worth doing, it's worth overdoing." Basically, whatever you commit to, you do well, and you're perfectly capable of switching contexts from the racecourse to the winner's circle. Right now, you're having fun seeking the job you want. Once you get it, I'm sure you'll have just as much fun focusing on the job itself.

Remember, you're a professional.

Greybeard said...

Ahh, congrats are in order! Good for you!
It's easy to see from your writing that you'll do well.

First rung on the tall ladder....
there are JOBS in aviation, just like in all industries, and then there are CAREERS.
Some jobs are highly paid flying bus drivers.
Others are not so well paid sometimes, but you get to do something different every day!
And remember this......your office is probably the most expensive one in the company, and the view outside your office window is incomparable!
Good luck and fly safe!