Tuesday, June 14, 2005

It's A Date

Bill called back. I have a course date. The course covers the aircraft systems portion only. That means I won't learn the SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures: the script for things to say and do so that any crew can operate the aircraft safely together, even if they've only just met) or indoctrination into company policy, or receive any flight training until I have a job offer.

Until my course is over, I resolve to stay out of internet chatrooms, and quit reading my referrer logs. The former is an obvious time waster, and the latter leads to me browse fascinating new sites that link to mine, or copy google searches and find even more cool time-wasting things to read. I thought I'd stop blogging, but blogging is an effective way of studying, because I have to write, think, and proofread. So I think I might blog more. Plus coming up with ways to make things like the propeller synchronizer amusing to the casual reader will require me to know it intimately. "The left propeller is the master and the right propeller the slave." Hmm.

I'll report back on the course, when that happens. If there's a job offer I'll wait until I'm qualified and have completed my probation before asking my new employer about a corporate blogging policy. And if they don't like me, and send me home, I'll tell you more about holding patterns.


Anonymous said...

There's nothing wrong with us no-nothings out here trying to confuse you!

GC said...


Scott Johnson said...

Can you tell us the aircraft type, or would that give away too much?

Aviatrix said...

I expect the aircraft type will quickly become obvious to anyone who knows enough about it to care what it is. I'm just not naming it to keep me off the search engines.