Sunday, January 09, 2005

What Is This Blog About?

I really shouldn't be keeping a blog (perhaps I'll elaborate later on why) but if I'm going to, I should have a focus. This blog isn't so much about me. Heck, my name isn't even on it. But it isn't about you, either, as I don't know who you are.

This blog is about flying airplanes, learning to fly airplanes, advancing an aviation career in Canada, working as a commercial pilot, and commentary on aviation news. If you want the mixture of bad jokes, industry gossip, complaints, and not much of anything that comprises real cockpit conversations, log off the computer and go back to the crewroom.

It is not my intention to embarrass, slander or otherwise harm my employers, coworkers, customers or even my competitors. Therefore I will not identify companies or individuals, nor reveal corporate information, except in the context of public documents. There shall be no whining, no backstabbing, and no pictures of me, in or out of uniform.

I do reserve the right to make bad jokes.

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