Monday, January 31, 2005

Fortune Cookie Wisdom

Sometimes fate flings you a few words on a piece of paper and they remind you of what you knew along. The message below will stay with me longer than the few calories in the crunchy treat that contained it.

Beware of the trap of becoming an armchair philosopher or poet when you could rise to the level of a practicing artist. All of the rewards go to those who are willing to dig in and do the work.

And here I am sitting on my rear end, launching philosophical pronouncements of my wonderousness into the blogosphere, when I should be digging in. I have three important career advancement tasks to do today. Four, including updating my logbook. And a fifth one, involving sweat and running shoes, if I don't want the fortune cookie and its accompaniments to rest on my middle. The next entry in this blog will be a report on the successful completion of those five tasks.


Unknown said...

At least you didn't get one that said 'That wasn't chicken...'

Anonymous said...
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