Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Airbus 380 Colours Look Familiar

In a blitz of fanfare attended by the heads of four countries and fourteen airlines, Airbus revealed its newest aircraft and new livery today. An airplane with an eighty metre wingspan is a little big to jump out from behind a sofa, so the ceremonies included ghostly videoscreen images, modern dance, fireworks, waterfalls, trapeze artists and children, with plenty of speeches from the luminaries and stakeholders.

The Airbus site shows plenty of flash animation, but remains deficient in ordinary photographs, so for a moodily lit picture of the new A380, see the efforts of Michael Eggenschwiler, apparently from the unveiling itself.

The new colours are an improvement on the old ones, but I still like the new Boeing livery better. I guess both companies did the same market research on the desirability of multi-shaded blue swirls.

This blog was supposed to be about flying, not business, but that's lesson one about commercial flying: it cannot be divorced from business.

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