Monday, January 31, 2005

Introductory Flight Lesson

I just read a perfect student's-eye-view of a first flight lesson. This is an absolutely typical familiarization flight.

Notice that he was told to rotate at 55, so waited until above 60 knots -- students always seem to think fast is good, so faster is better at rotation. I love the description that the instructor "flipped a bunch of switches and turned a bunch of knobs" then the student started the airplane. The student walked away with the impression that flying was not too hard, and signed up for lessons. The instructor did a good job.

It's so spot-on it reads as if it had been made up for the purpose of promoting flight training. I hope Kris Johnson keeps blogging about his flight training. When his lessons start, I'll put him on the blogroll.

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Kris Johnson said...

My ground school lessons start today, and I hope to start flying lessons next week. I do plan to blog about the lessons, probably in a blog separate from my main blog. I'll let you know...