Sunday, August 07, 2011

Always Check NOTAMs

Here's an account of an aviatrix who found that her computer wasn't working to pick up the NOTAMs. She could have called 1-800-WX-BRIEF (this takes place in the USA) and asked, but she hadn't flown in a week and was anxious to get back in the sky. What possible NOTAM could affect her flight in and out of her own backyard strip, in very familiar airspace? She was so used to people admiring her prize-winning airplane that she wasn't fazed by the intercepting F-16s. I won't mention her age, because as the last line of the story mentions, she was a little put out that the FAA released it to the media.

May we all be flying as long, but further from the scrutiny of military aviators.


Kip336 said...

That's an interesting story. The lady is really nice though. Hope they don't take her license away

Anonymous said...

A review of the TFRs would have been a good idea too!

YYC Dispatcher

Aviatrix said...

Do US NOTAMs not include TFRs? Canada doesn't have TFRs, with all airspace restrictions being either depicted on the charts or via NOTAM. It would seem odd from an international point of view that a change to airspace would not be NOTAMed.

Sarah said...

Yes, US NOTAMS include TFRs.

I was taught to get a phone briefing &/or logged internet ( DUATS, etc.) NOTAM review before flight. This records the time and fact you checked... just in case.

The woman has my sympathy for having Obama's weekend home popup regular TFRs.. but that has been the case for a while. She really should have known. At least the Chicago TFR is relatively small; during campaign season we saw 30nm TFR's shutdown GA for an entire day for VIP fundraising visits. There has been some justifiable grumbling that TFRs are too large, too restrictive, and .. what are we protecting against again?