Thursday, March 03, 2011

Tailor-Made Job

An advertised job caught my eye because the requirements spanned experience gained at every phase of my aviation career. Writing a cover letter was suddenly easy because I could knock everything he asked for out of the park. I did some research on the company to find out more about what they were doing and I realized I had more skills that were relevant. I swear if you sat down with my resumé and my life history you could not design a job that was more perfectly targeted to hire me. There was no way the guy was not going to look at my resumé and say, "Wow! She's perfect!" I had friends that way I haven't seen in a while, so I closed with an offer to come out and meet him. Proofread, attach, send.

I was almost concerned whether this job was the aviation equivalent of the Red Headed League, a tailor made job designed to lure me away from something more important. I'll just have to keep my eyes open. My real concern was whether I would enjoy working with the person, and whether the job would afford me the opportunity to get a PPC on a particular type I was interested in. I quickly found people who knew the employer and reviews were mixed. I waited for a call.

The job evidently isn't directed at me, because there was no immediate answer, then a weeks-later, "apology for the delay, we are assembling a shortlist of candidates." I felt amusingly affronted, thinking that if they can't see I'm perfect right off the bat, or at least be a little more personal in a response, then they don't deserve me. Job hunting is such a peculiar pursuit.

Lots of Canadians are pursing it right now. I received a flyer from Statistics Canada saying that my household has been randomly selected for inclusion in a survey on employment. It's actually kind of cool, because they ask how many hours I worked for pay in the last four weeks, and when was the last time I worked for pay, and then they are going to follow up regularly over a six month period. I hope my own personal fortunes get to contribute to data that shows that more Canadians find work this year. And of course if you are in another country looking for work, I hope you land a tailor-made job, too.

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Peter said...

I was asked to do the same survey about 2 months after I lost my job, too. The questions are pretty easy. and it doesn't take up too much time.