Wednesday, October 13, 2010

San Jose Mine Rescue

I'm watching near live footage of the Chilean miners being pulled from the collapsed mine from the link on this page. It's an extraordinary ordeal these men have been through, and I'm impressed by the planning and details of the rescue operation. It looks as thought it will take a couple of days to get everyone out, even if nothing goes wrong.

As I watch I see parallels with aviation. After fifteen rescuees it's getting a little routine, perhaps, and it is still urgent to rescue everyone, but I'm silently urging the rescuers, "don't get sloppy; don't try to go too fast; inspect it every time; don't get fatigued: sub out with less tired people."


Unknown said...

Awesome! Thanks for posting this! Now I'm watching as well :-)


Anonymous said...

God is looking after the miners. Fascinating!
Bill - Tassie

Tim G in MN said...

Funny.. I thought that too earlier today... don't get sloppy. God Bless them all.

Tim G in MN

Anonymous said...

Way too carefree at the end.