Friday, October 22, 2010

He Bought Charts

Another day, another meal at Boston Pizza. I sleep in, then have microwave oatmeal and an apple for breakfast. We take off but don't get much done because we soon run into rain and cloud at our altitude and that interferes with the work we have to do today. Back at the airport the wind is reported to be 270 at fifteen knots gusting to something. I land on the most into-wind runway, which still gives me a crosswind but it's not a problem for this airplane.

I go back to my room and write postcards before yet another meal at Boston Pizza. My coworker is going home in a couple of days, so he keeps telling me things he might have forgotten to mention when I first came on shift. Today is around the third time that he tells me that he bought current IFR charts I finally tell him, "It's okay, you told me about the charts. I remember."

I go and do some grocery shopping, then on the way back I meet him again. "Oh Aviatrix, I just wanted to make sure you knew I bought charts..." He's joking this time, and I swat at him after he laughs at the "oh my god, my coworker is losing it!" look on my face.


Paul B said...

I'm getting to eat REAL Italian pizza this week.... down in the south of Italy. I won't upset you by describing how nice the pizzas are here!

dpierce said...

Apple IN the oatmeal, or on the side?

Anonymous said...

Pizzas are nice almost anywhere they don't speak English.

Andrew said...


Though the pizzas that I had in Korea were quite unusual indeed. Good, but unusual.

Eh, anyway, vacation (or just free time on a business trip somewhere interesting) makes a nice sauce for any dish.