Tuesday, February 09, 2010


That's me: lost in watching TV and not blogging. Aren't television series box sets awesome? I started with Firefly, and that was so much fun I picked up the next box.

A few years ago I bought a boxed set of the first season of Lost in preparation for an assignment where there would be no TV or Internet and the possibility of significant waiting. At the time I played a few episodes, but once the fun of mocking the disconnected running engine had passed, I never really got into it. I was playing the show on the little screen on my computer, and trying to do paperwork, on the same computer at the same time. So I'd have people screaming and running in one quarter of a tiny screen, and an Excel spreadsheet over half, and then suddenly there's a polar bear and I'm left going "What?" I've since learned that the polar bear imparts a serious case of "What?" regardless of how closely you were watching. And now I'm hooked.

My theories so far are:
1. The island has some weird reanimation property (c.f. the doctor's father) and for some reason someone was shipping polar bear hides from Australia to the United States. Polar bears have only Appendix II protection under CITES, so could have been transported with more legality than, say, the bottle rockets that our survivors improbably possess. That would explain the polar bears looking like really bad taxidermy on worn pelts. The director seemed really pleased with the result, so I can only guess that he hadn't seen a real polar bear, ever. The others would be a horde of zombies reanimated from those who haven't survived passage to the island.
2. There's a portal on the island that allows people and things to pass through, but be forever stranded. This explains how we get from Nigeria to the South Pacific in a light twin, and get a pirate ship on top of a hill. The island should have a lot more rats and alien weeds though.
3. It's like the planet in the Star Trek episode Shore Leave where things people think about become manifest. Walt was reading Hurley's comic book, with the ferocious polar bear, so the polar bear arrived. But in that case, where are all of Sawyer's bunnies from Watership Down?

Anyway, you're unlikely to get much blogging out of me until I've found out what happens in the next seven(?) seasons. And no spoilers!. Fingers in ears chanting "La la la la la!"


Lee said...

I love boxed sets --along with Netflix -- too! I have only antenna TV, so watch all the pay TV shows via DVD. I think I watched the first season and a half of "Lost" and couldn't remember what was going on. Maybe a marathon viewing is the answer. Adored "Firefly" and finished up "Battlestar Galactica" most recently.

grant said...

Battlestar Galactica! I'm stuck half-way through the boxed set because I was borrowing it from my son - and he just came over to the island for a visit but forgot to bring the second part...aarrrrgh ;-)..

I shall have to resort to the library? or rental store? Or iTunes? ...

nec Timide said...

Nothing you've described about Lost makes me want to watch it any more than the few scenes I saw while surfing or the adds. Not a critizism, I guess I just don't have the appropriately shaped hole in my mind for that particular peg. Enjoy catching up.

Firefly ROCKS! Even if one can watch the entire compendium in one day.

Aviatrix said...

Yeah, nec Timide, they've tried to disguise the fact that it's in a large part a girl-brain show about interpersonal relationships by casting the hottest women possible and keeping them in minimal clothing, plus having people punch each other several times an episode.

My version of the Lost drinking game would be very simple. Drink when you see or hear one or more of "the numbers"; drink when they discover a new person (dead or alive) who wasn't on the airplane, and drink when someone punches someone else. But I want to know the answer to the puzzles and I'm willing to endure some punching to go on the journey.

Fictional people cheat on their partners, punch each other, and get shot at much more often than real people. Real people spend much more time watching TV and remaining in less than optimal situations because they don't have the resources, courage or inspiration to effect change. And when we do make a change, it's not usually through punching.

Sarah said...

My comment got lost, sorry if this ends up doubling.

I'm with nec Timide -- never enjoyed LOST, maybe didn't give it a chance to hook me with the labyrinth plotting. But Firefly was wonderful. The whole western in space concept was brilliant, and I loved the cast. They even had hot guys in their girl-brain show. :)

The last series I ended up being caught up in enough to watch them all straight through was HBO's "Six Feet Under". Weird, I know.

nec Timide said...

@Aviatrix: ...the hottest women possible and keeping them in minimal clothing, plus having people punch each other several times an episode.

My experience growing up in the BC interior is that the former was sufficient to cause the latter.

@Sarah Firefly a girl brain show, ya right. Wait. What?

Verification word: furnss - keepin' it hot.

Sarah said...

@nec Timide -- Sorry to confuse, I was just echoing what I thought Aviatrix said. Probably she was referring to LOST, I don't see Firefly as gendered.

I stand by my "hot guy" FF comment though.

Aviatrix said...

Yep, I was referring to Lost. I guess there's a fair amount of punching in Firefly, too. It makes me wish I'd watched more westerns, in order to get a greater appreciation for the cowboy action.

grant said...

re: a greater appreciation for the cowboy action.

Probably just need to learn the two-step and start hangin' out at the local C&W bar ... you'll get way more cowboy action than any woman needs!

GPS_Direct said...

LOST is probably better when watched en masse. The wife tried it, but going from show-to-show and season-to-season, there were too many questions and/or red herrings to keep track of. I shoulder on, more or less following the threads...

Josh Whedon stuff ROCKS. First BSG episode/movie when the Six walks into the space station really took that one off the expected rails.

Firefly fans should give Castle a try. Nathan Fillion is still funny and they even had a Halloween episode where he's in Firefly garb for shot or two. Plus there's eye candy for both camps.