Saturday, February 06, 2010

American Hospitality

Here's the loose end I mentioned earlier. As you may recall, I was almost en route to West Virginia last month, but diverted home at the last moment. To facilitate that trip, I had ordered charts from an American distributor and asked them to ship them to the American FBO on the field where I planned to clear customs. I know from the e-mail confirmations that the charts were shipped, but where are they now? Well that's part of the fun of being an itinerant pilot.

I called the FBO to see if they still had the charts. That took two tries, as my first try at the question didn't make sense to the friendly woman who answered the telephone. Perhaps there was an accent issue, too. Once she understood the question she easily found the parcel for me and then I explained that the trip was postponed, was it any trouble for them to continue to hold them. Absolutely none, she managed to convey the impression that my having called her and given her the opportunity to hold onto our property for an unspecified period was the highlight of her day. Americans have the best customer service.

So there the charts wait, until we go to West Virginia or they expire.

Sim of the day: NDB RWY 05 and a missed at CYVV.


Anonymous said...

Americans have the best customer service

Yup - I do agree. And southern hospitality is something I experienced in Georgia. Peachy even. It's not just hype.

Michael5000 said...

U.S.A.! U.S.A.!