Thursday, January 07, 2010

Road Signs

As you might guess from my enjoyment of describing my adventures, I love words. And the astute blog observer has probably noticed that I love signs. So you might believe that instead of blogging on a given day, you might find me laughing my head off at funny road signs. But I sent that to someone and he sent me back more funny road signs. Do not visit these sites if you are susceptible to laughter-induced injuries.

Just so as to have a scrap of originality in this post, I looked through my collection for a funny sign of my own that I hadn't posted. I didn't find one, but there's a sign in that picture and a flying car. As testimony to my extreme professionalism I will tell you that my heart ached to go to the museum and find out about that winged car, but I was on minimum rest, with my schedule allowing me only time to check in, sleep for the required period and check out again, so my curiosity was not satisfied, but the law and safety requirements were.

Also, I am keeping my New Year's resolution. I flew an arrival from the southeast giving me a teardrop entry into a shuttle descent for the the Rwy 11 ILS/DME at Port Hardy, British Columbia. I had to go missed on the first approach because I suck at making fine throttle adjustments on MSFS and I F2/F3ed my way into a destabilized approach.


Sarah said...

I still love practicing approaches.

For some reason I have trouble with DME arcs. ( You don't have an online source for Rwy 11 @ Port Hardy, do you? )

I'm going to fire up x-plane and try this one, and yes, the miss to the hold is 1/2 the fun.

Sarah said...

"Oddly specific" is hilarious. Granted, a lot of those signs are supposed to be funny, but still.

"Caution: this sign has sharp edges".

My favorite, but I can't find the link now was "WARNING: Do not post pictures of this sign on the Internet".

And I'd post a screen snap of my KMTN VOR/DME 15 but couldn't remember how to screen capture in the game. Just as well, I'd be embarrassed... my hold entry sucked.

Aviatrix said...

Ooh, posting pictures. I guess I should do a few of those, to prove I'm doing the work, shouldn't I.

Unknown said...

Signs, a song from my misspent youth, by Five Man Electrical Band.

Aviatrix said...

I like the Signs song.

Paul B said...

Erm, no idea what that last paragraph meant!

Nice fun signs.... I now have to work out my timesheet code for "wasting time looking at signs, as suggested by Aviatrix". I guess "Email / housekeeping" is the best one to use :-)

Dafydd said...

In UK we have a whole new breed of gigantic illuminated motorway roadside signs - many of which often read " THIS SIGN IS NOT IN USE "

Wayne Conrad said...

@Sarah, The virtual Canadian controllers on the Vatsim network have made available pdf versions of expired versions of most of the Canadian IFR charts (enroute, CAP, etc. Only the VFR charts are (sadly) missing. Copyright issues, if I had to guess.

All of the CAP (approach plates, ODPs, etc.) are here:

There used to be a single web site with _all_ of the Canadian IFR enroute charts as PDFs, but I can't find it. You'll have to grab them piecemeal from the various Virtual FIR sites, indexed here:

When you arrive at one of the sites, if you don't see a link for charts on the home page, click on "pilot information" (or whatever is close).

dpierce said...

Dafydd ... My favorite UK sign is this one.

Sarah said...

Thanks Wayne. The TC plates are gorgeous and colorful - they make the US b&w plates look very boring.

No one will buy Jeppesen for me so I use the cheaper US gov books.

Car Magnets said...

Love the signs very funny, I think if I saw that driving down the road I would have to stop and ask!