Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year

I said I'd reveal New Year's resolutions, so I guess I'd better get something resolved before the new year arrives and it's time to enact them. I mostly know what I wish to achieve, and it's not really any different from what most people want to get out of themselves and their lives: physical fitness, good relations with friends and family, career success, life organization, and self-improvement. But wave those five around vaguely and nothing happens for me, though. I have to quantify my goals. New Year's resolutions are not like figure skating. So therefore:

In 2010:

1. I will follow a physical fitness program to maintain strength, flexibility, and endurance, plus I will run a six and a half minute mile and a 45 minute 10k.

2. I will contact someone I know in real life but don't work with or live with every day. That can be an e-mail, a postcard, a phone call or a visit and it has to be a hundred different people over the year.

3. Any day I don't fly IFR in real life, I will fly at least one approach on my flight simulator game, and I won't blog until that's done.

4. Whenever I get home on a break from work I will, in addition to the usual litany of perennial maintenance tasks, assign myself one new project to complete.

5. I will not let this list of responsibilities, nor other lesser pastimes, stand in the way of new adventures.

There, that's a pretty bold list, and I'll probably frequently let myself get away with fulfilling #2 by cc:ing an e-mailed lolcat to seven people on a Friday, and #3 by chugging down the same saved-at-g/s-intercept ILS while waiting for hotel internet to connect. I'm not even sure whether #5 constitutes a get-out-of-one-through-four-free card when I can find a good adventures. But it's probably better than resolving to watch all six seasons of Lost. I may expand on some of these in later blog posts.

Oh and to the person who was so negative about New Year's resolutions in a previous year "because if you want to do a thing you should do it, not wait until the end or beginning of the year," these are all things I already try to do. Only the accountability is added.


nec Timide said...

Happy New Year! And good luck with your resolutions.

Unknown said...

All the best for the new year! Outsource your resolution options here.

Anonymous said...

I hope I get included in #2, and not in the cop out lolcat way.

Unless you're looking at IP addresses, you don't know who I am, so we'll see!

Happy New Year, Aviatrix! Whoops, I almost called you by your real name but without the L (see, that's a hint there)

Geekzilla said...

Happy New Year, Aviatrix!

LS-P said...

I've only found your blog fairly recently and I have enjoyed it so much- thank you. Good luck on the resolutions- anyone who can work out in -10 on purpose is, I'm sure, capable of fulfilling most of what your resolutions will demand of you!! All the best- LS-P

Traveller said...

Happy New Year! [I read the next one first :-) ]

Good Luck on #1. I will be running a 10K tomorrow (Saturday) morning. Temperature is expected to be -12C with North winds at 13 knots.

Karl Kornel said...

If you ever really get into your flight simulator game, I hope you'll one day consider exploring the vast expanse of weirdness that is VATSIM. I'm sure I won't know if I ever see you on the network, but if you ever get interested, look for me around KCVG/KIND!

Aviatrix said...

I used VATSIM for a while, but I had a few problems:

- the system isn't tolerant of old software, so I had to keep upgrading in order to participate,

- quite rightly, people who just pop up from a saved position 30 miles back aren't welcome

- I had a really hard time typing and flying at once

- very low controller density, so most of the time it was a lot of processing and set-up overhead for the same experience

- I had a lot of trouble with controllers asking for performance inappropriate to the type and unable to come up with another strategy when I said I was unable

There are some controllers who are real controllers and/or very knowledgeable, but they have to descend to the level they can expect of everyone. For example I had a controller message me in side chat asking why he has nothing all night, then three aircraft at once, right when he has to go to the bathroom. I messaged back something like "tell us there's an aircraft on the runway with a blown tire and give us all holds while you go take care of business". He thought it was hilarious that I thought my fellow sim pilots would know how to enter a hold.

The result was a poor ratio of time spent to useful practice, but I might try it again if I get into it.