Monday, December 28, 2009

Year in Review

This wasn't a stunning year, career-wise. In fact, I think the only thing I did to further my career was to fly my bosses' airplanes to the best of my ability. I didn't do anything to damage it either, except grow a year older, so maybe I come out even. I didn't resolve to get a jet job this year, just said I might like to, and wishes aren't jet planes any more than they are horses, so that's that. I've been pretty passive, but that's because I've been comfortable, and the latter is better than the opposite.

Here's what I did resolve for 2009:

  • 1. Never read the comments on YouTube videos or LOLcat cartoons. No matter how funny or intelligent the images, the comments will be illiterate and inane, and I'll regret the time spent reading them.
  • 2. Eat only the best chocolate I can afford.
  • 3. Whenever I can gain something of merit without risking anything but my pride and my Internet surfing time, I will make my best try to do it.

Hmm. I did pretty well on number one. I've definitely broken the habit of clicking on comments in search of intelligent debate. I've finally learned that my own blog is one of the few places on the internet where the comments hold intelligently considered opinions and insider information supplementary to the main article. My readers can even snicker at zebra penises and make it sound erudite. So SUCCESS, and I have no desire to relapse on that one.

Number two went pretty much perfectly up for almost ten months. I rationed imported European chocolate made out of "sugar, cocoa butter and vanilla." I didn't touch anything made by Hershey or containing soya lecithin or polyglycerol ricinoleate. But then came the latter half of October. People, there were giant boxes of mini Kit-Kats, Smarties, Coffee Crisps and Aeros available at every grocery store, even in the north, for about $12. Everywhere bad chocolate was being given away. I'm only human. I was no match. And then when Hallowe'en was over, I went back to the vending machines. And there's a Fun-Sized Aero bar in my home, but I haven't opened it, even though I had to pick it up to see how to spell ricinoleate. I think I can give myself a PARTIAL SUCCESS on this one.

The third resolution is pretty nebulous. I lose by not having looked very hard for such opportunities, but I went on a couple of great bike trips, made some new friends, built a raft out of beach-found materials and paddled it, entered a 10 km footrace, and demonstrated the carpe diem spirit right up to the end by venturing onto a foreign military base to fly the simulacrum of a giant airplane, so I'm going to count it as a SUCCESS too.

So I had a pretty good year by the standards I set out for myself. I hope your own year went well, or at the very minimum that you can salvage something from the memories that you can hold up as a success. I've a few days left to figure out my 2010 resolutions. I'll tell you about them on New Year's Day.


nec Timide said...

Can any resolution involving candy survive an encouter with Halloween?

Well done!

Ed said...

Never read the comments on YouTube videos or LOLcat cartoons

...or anything to do with global warming.

Critical Alpha said...

Avi, what you don't mention as a goal for 2009, is however a true achievement of yours: You write one of the most interesting and erudite blogs on the web.
Thanks for that, you've lightened and stimulated my year by the work that you put into it.
I hope the festive season is good to you and that 2010 is even better.

Traveller said...

Congrats on the 10K!

I understand about Hallowe'en. I just got back to where I was when I returned from the desert.

This is one of the few sites where I expect the comments to expand and enhance the topic of the original posting. And this is a challenge due to the quality of that original post.

Aviatrix said...

I'm pleased to report that I threw away the well-aged mini Aero in order to put Christmas baking in the bowl it was occupying. The Christmas cookies were made with real Toblerone bars (thank you, L) so no need for me to stay away from them.

Sarah said...

Sounds like a pretty good year, all things considered.

I'm curious - was the "Aero bar" purchased with subliminal or conscious preference for aviation related chocolate? :) I'm guessing the former.

It's not sold in the US, so I'll have to take your word about it's being low quality chocolate. Sometimes, I use candy bars ( snickers, etc ) as a cheap quick energy source. I know there are much better things but they're not in vending machines.

My preference is Swiss - hard to go wrong with Lindt.

Aviatrix said...

If it was, Sarah, it was subliminal. The Aero bar is named for the air bubbles within, and this particular specimen was the lone survivor of a big box of Hallowe'en-sized Kit-Kats, Aeros, Smarties and Coffee Crisps, of which I believe only the last is available in the US. I think our countries have different regulations regarding what constitutes salable food, because there are a lot of candy aisle products only available in one country or the other.

Sarah said...

Yeah, we have the Kitkats ( my pet name for my old kitty ) and Smarties, but the latter isn't the same thing.

"Aero" candy... I'm sure it was subliminal. The aviation preference has permeated your subconscious. I have to laugh at myself every time I read a TV schedule ( have to see when "House" is on, right? ) and perk up when I see a summary described as a "pilot episode". Oh boy! D'oh! Not what I thought at first. Gets me most every time.

Rhonda said...

I had to throw out a few of my resolutions due to circumstances beyond my control making them impossible, but I seem to have met the rest of them. Well, except the half marathon. I dropped the ball on that one, unfortunately.

N6349C said...

I remember Aero bars from when I lived in England. Along with Flakes, Jelly Babies and Licorice Allsorts, which I have to buy when passing through Heathrow duty free.

No wonder my new years resolution is to loose 15 lbs. My wife's is the same. So we can carry an extra bag in the back or 4 more gallons of avgas in the Beech. At least TSA doesn't strip search us (yet) before boarding!

Happy New Year, and Fly Safe!

Aviatrix said...

Most practical weight loss reason I've ever seen, N6349C.

Anonymous said...

Comes up as:

NTSB Identification: CHI93LA188 .
The docket is stored on NTSB microfiche number 52772.
Accident occurred Friday, June 04, 1993 in KANSAS CITY, MO
Probable Cause Approval Date: 11/3/1993
Aircraft: BEECH C23, registration: N6349C

No sure but is this your reference?