Monday, March 30, 2009

Long Green Locks

I didn't to get my hair cut immediately before I started this work rotation. I usually do, because my hair grows really fast, but this last time home I got it cut immediately on arrival, so I'd look civilized for the passport photo, thus it had a bit of time to grow before I left, and has been growing ever since. It's going to need cutting pretty badly before I get back. It needs cutting now. I could get it done locally, but (and guys won't understand this), even if I didn't end up with Texas-style "big hair," I'd still be betraying my own hairdresser. I figured I could fake it pretty well with hair gel, but they don't seem to sell anything but extra firm hold hair wax. Or maybe I just don't recognize the brands. I abort the hair gel acquisition mission and wear a hat a lot. But my hair is getting in my eyes, too.

These bangs have to go. Well I'll just cut it. And obviously cutting hair is important, you don't want ragged stupid hair all month. I'm not sufficiently badass to do it the way Starbuck did in season three of Battlestar Galactica. I don't have a hair and make up department to step in and make it look like I did a good job hacking my hair off with my knife. But I can fly an ILS, surely I can cut some hair. So I do it very carefully, as straight as I can, with logical precision. Just like flying an ILS, right?

So how'd that work out for you Aviatrix?

Shut up.

I look like Spock.


zd said...

That's logical.

Sarah said...

Hey, Spock is *hot*

Sarah said...

Darn, I forgot the link

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing you wound up looking something like this?

You *really* wouldn't have needed to dig very far at all into Google image searches for 'self cut hair' or 'cut my own hair' to realize the risks of self trimming. :)

Ian said...

Well it makes sense, because if you think about it, I bet Spock could fly an ILS too. See? Similar personalities yield similar results.

Anyway, long live and prosper ;-)

Matt said...

Sarah: why is Spock holding an E6-B?
I'm a trek fan, but I don't recall what TOS episode that is, any ideas? (it's actually kinda funny and relevant at the same time, was that on purpose?)


nec Timide said...

IIRC though the original series Spock used a number of circular slide rules, the E6B being one.

But if Aviatrix looks like any Vulcan, wouldn't that be T'Pol? Definitely hot.

I'm sure you can find your own pictures.

Rubbish Parent said...

When Jess was two-ish, I decided that if I could fix a nuclear reactor then cutting a kid's hair would be a piece of cake.

Yeah. Spock. Or possibler Hitler. Not a good look.

zd said...

Aviatrix, as a possible long hair solution, may I respectfully suggest that you investigate the hairstyle favored by Yulia Tymoshenko, the Prime Minister of Ukraine.

She is known for her long braided hair wrapped around the back of her head. There is a name for this style (it is not a "bun")but it escapes me at the moment.

It is fairly easy to do, is surprisingly low maintenance and eliminates the bang problem.

It also packs a lot of attitude so nobody messes with her.

If I knew how to provide a link to a photo I would do so but I don't know how.

She was wearing this style when she recently met with Vladimir Putin to negotiate natural gas contracts between their two countries.

She got her way.

If you google both names together, there are tons of photos of this hairstyle.

You may think that you need long hair down to the floor for this, such is not the case. Shoulder length will do the job. And the braid can be moved forward and back depending on how much hair you have to work with.

I have seen her wearing earphones (translator's) with this, but no baseball cap.

Sadly, though, her hair is not verdant like yours, but she did the best she could.

syrad said...

I go for the simple French braid. Doesn't interfere with headsets, is comfy under caps, and doesn't get in my way or my eyes. When I go for a while without trimming, the braid just gets a bit longer. For me, its one of the easiest hairstyles to fly in and still look female and professional.

BTW, Starbuck from the new BSG was completely the chick pilot icon. Until she went nutso, that is.

dpierce said...

Sarah -- A small edit. (Or three.)

chris said...

The ILS was the easy part. The landing got you.

Garrett said...

Anonymous 1:12, what's wrong with that. Other than the missing smile of course...

Tangozulu said...

Live long and prosper!

Well, better spock hair than that bald woman from one of the Star Trek movies.

Anonymous said...

dpierce: LOL!

zd: Tymoshenko's style is a type of crown braid.

Dagny said...


I got paged out once mid haircut.

It wasn't pretty. ;)


Aviatrix said...

Sarah: Spock is hot. I love him with the E6B.

Anonymous: I wish the result was that cute. See how the pixie girl has little irregularities in the bangs? Take those away and make it a dead smooth line and there's something alien about the result.

Dagny: I got paged out once mid haircut.

Oh I laughed so hard at that! I can only imagine.

Syrad & zd: You're quite right, that would satisfy my hairstyle requirements of "feminine, professional and out of my face." The trick is maintaining those attributes during the transitional stage. And I'd still have to trim the bangs.

Anoynmous said...

A Vulcan hairstyle definitely says "professional" to me.