Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Flying is Exciting

Corny, old joke, but it makes me laugh.

A man is traveling by air for the first time. He gets to the gate and sees an aircraft at close range for the first time in his life. It has "Boeing 747" painted near the nose. He gets very excited and starts shouting "Boeing, Boeing...", creating a commotion.

An airline employee comes up to him and says, "Be silent".

So, he starts shouting "Oeing, Oeing...".

I have always liked the boinginess of the Boeing name.


zd said...

Controller: Air Force 123, say callsign of your wingman.

AF123: Uh, approach, we are a single ship.

Controller: Air Force 123 you have traffic!

Anonymous said...

PPRuNe ATC humor thread:


The Flying Pinto's pilot jokes post:


The Flying Pinto said...

I love it! That is funny...thanks for the chuckle: )

Anonymous said...

remaining anonymous because I dont get it. this is pathetic of me. help please?

Aviatrix said...

The passenger thought that the airline employee was correcting his pronunciation of the word Boeing, telling him that it had a silent B.

He was really telling him to stop shouting.

Also the word Boeing is close to "boing" English onomatopoeia for bouning on springs.

Anonymous said...

oh, that is clever. thanks for clarifying.

Matthew Flaschen said...

"Also the word Boeing is close to "boing" English onomatopoeia for bouning on springs."

Meh, perhaps closer in Canadian. ;)

viennatech said...

"Meh, perhaps closer in Canadian. ;)"

Nah in Canada we say it dee-have-a-land. eh!? ;)

nec Timide said...

Isn't that pronounced bom-bard-ee-eh now?

Anonymous said...

The generic pronunciation is:

viennatech said...

"Isn't that pronounced bom-bard-ee-eh now?"

I guess it is officially but for me that name will always conjure images of yellow snow machines and water craft. Not nearly as romantic as the images of Beavers, Otters and Dash's that the former name brings.

Traytable said...

Reminds me of an old MAD magazine of my uncle's. They had an article about onomatopoeic brand names.

Kid hits brother on head with toy truck, making "Tonka!" noise.

Then they had a picture of a plane, engine falling earthwards, and a long, drawn-out "Boeeeeeeeeeeinnnnng..." underneath :P

Anonymous said...

"If its not Boeing, I'm not going"

( to our European friends, no disrespect. Its just bus-iness. )

Newsflash: Leaked picture of Aviatrix!!!

Unknown said...

^^^^ Wrong hair-colour as eny fule noe.