Friday, September 26, 2008

The NEXUS Step

NEXUS sent me e-mail saying I've been approved for the program and have to schedule an appointment at the airport to be interviewed, fingerprinted and photographed, and have my retinas photographed, too. They have a very simple online booking interface, showing the availability and allowing me to schedule, move and cancel appointments.

Nothing is available this month.
Nothing is available next month.
There are availabilities the following month, but I'm scheduled to be away working for the whole month,
Nothing is available the month after that.
Nothing is available for the two following months.

I kind of suspect that they have only opened the booking system for appointments in the next three months. I could wait and see if more opportunities opened up, but the e-mail states that I must book within 30 days.

I'll looked at some other centres and saw much better availability, so I'll wait until I know my work assignments and try to arrange an appointment there and then. I'm still kind of freaked about subjecting myself to US registration, though. I picture my fingerprints being in the same big database with all the convicted criminals, getting checked against the fingerprints on murder weapons. Also I hate getting my eyes examined at the optometrist, so the retinal photograph is going to be freaky.


amulbunny's random thoughts said...

I had my fingerprints done when I started to work for a bank in 1976. Then again in 1998 when I started teaching. Then again in 2001 when I thought I was going to teach at a high school, then in 2002 when I went to apply at the TSA. When I had to have a SIDA badge for the airport I work at I had to my prints done twice. I don't think my prints have changed in 30 years but the government seems to think so. Overkill is the name of this paranoid government.
Good luck with Nexus.

VLD said...

Long time reader, first time commenter:

When was booking my Nexus appointment, i just phoned the closest office directly (mine was in YYZ) and they found a time for me that was not available on-line.

Retinal scan was nothing compared to optometrist - much less invasive. Basically you just stare at the screen and it directs you where to look and how to position your face.

Good luck,

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the retinal scan was no big deal, you just put your eyes up to the eyepiece and look straight ahead.

When we did ours, the two guys on the US side looked tough, and they had to seriously go through a bunch of "have you ever been arrested?" "have you ever gone to jail?" type of questions. Then, when we got to the fingerprints, one guy's machine was acting up (they were processing my wife and I simultaneously) and the other guy started razzing him and me about how I was doomed because of the glitch and how the guy was going to be in trouble for messing it up all the time.